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Google Plus set to replace Foursquare, PicPlz and Twitter for me!

I have been a heavy user of mobile apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, PicPlz and Twitter. But Google Plus is changing all that. I have been posting photos on it. I have been checking-in on it. And I have been updating my status on it. I am pretty sure that people following me on Google+ are not amused. But what can I do. The mobile app is a fantastic piece of work and I.. Read More

Some of my favorite Google Android apps!

I have been using a Google Nexus One since Feb-Mar this year and I have to admit that I have not experimented much. No rooting. No playing around with proxies to get access to paid apps… and so on. So, I am pretty much restricted to the official free apps available on the Google Android Market along with editions available through APK downloads. And I have a few favorites. PicPlz… It is not.. Read More