Google Plus set to replace Foursquare, PicPlz and Twitter for me!

I have been a heavy user of mobile apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, PicPlz and Twitter. But Google Plus is changing all that. I have been posting photos on it. I have been checking-in on it. And I have been updating my status on it. I am pretty sure that people following me on Google+ are not amused. But what can I do. The mobile app is a fantastic piece of work and I am loving using it!

My unfortunate followers on Twitter would be happy though. They do not have to see any more of my insane updates on a daily basis now!

Update: One sad thing though… The picture quality of images uploaded by Google Plus mobile app is very low quality.

Some of my favorite Google Android apps!

I have been using a Google Nexus One since Feb-Mar this year and I have to admit that I have not experimented much.

No rooting. No playing around with proxies to get access to paid apps… and so on.

So, I am pretty much restricted to the official free apps available on the Google Android Market along with editions available through APK downloads. And I have a few favorites.

PicPlz… It is not available in India yet. But the developers were nice enough to provide me with the installer file. I love this app. It is perhaps the second most used app on my phone. It allows me to check-in on Foursquare without bothering about the points and mayorship. And I get to take photos and post them online with a single click! I hope they open it to more markets in the coming weeks.

Astrid… This is probably one of the best to-do app on the Google Android Market. Free. Supports online sync with Remember the Milk. Excellent stuff.

Android TweetDeck… I have practically stopped using Twitter’s official Android app because of this. The user interface is lovely. The connectivity options are plenty. Beta version has a couple of bugs but they are likely to be quashed soon enough.

AK Notepad… This one is great for taking notes. Strangely… Android does not come with its own app!

Google Gesture Search: It is pretty hard to type on the software keyboard while walking. Gestures make it whole lot easier.

Google My Tracks: If you travel around much, you are going to love it. It enables you to create routes on maps that can be exported to Google Maps. Plus you get access to plenty of statistical data!

Quick Settings: This is something that should be bundled with Android just because it makes it so easy to manage so many things on the phone from a single screen. Android settings panel is a pain to use in comparison!

Wi-Fi File Explorer: This again is a very powerful app that enables you to access your phone’s content from your desktop using a wireless internet connection. No USB cable required. Pretty awesome.

Astro is another app that should be part of the list. But the recent versions have become so irritating to use because of the ads. It has a paid version without ads. Google has to do something about it. They need to ship a file manager with Android by default! No offense to developer of course… He needs to make a living. But to pay for this functionality is like paying for Windows Explorer on PCs!