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Fiat Linea shines in one way and one way alone…

Fuel Efficiency. I usually managed to get over 20kmpl on highways. The mess on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway ensured that I would fail to touch this mark. Add the massive traffic I faced inside Jaipur including a possible accident with a bus being driven by an old guy who had no idea that he had just missed hitting my car by a couple of ‘centimeters’!

NHAI disappoints

This is not surprising. NHAI has been a disappointment to the country. The way they have been defending DSC Limited over the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway reminds me of how Sharad Pawar defends Lalit Modi.

Fiat Linea Disappoints

These marks were caused by the seat belt in my car. It was awesomely hot on the way back from Jaipur. The AC in Linea as usual failed to justify the high price of the car. And in the end, I had these from the sweat and friction from the combination…

Street Lights on National Highways

It is a shame that we do not have enough (or any) street lights on our national highways. I was coming back from Jaipur last night and the only region to have any kind of street lights was on the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway.