Airtel baffled with a simple query related to IPTV remote control

Update 3: Finally a solid answer. They do not have spare new remotes. Older remotes are still in stock for folks who need a replacement remote for the time being.

Update 2: Another Airtel customer care guy calls me up and says they do not have spare black remotes in stock. I am not sure what the hell is going on. What are they going to do when a customer needs a new remote because his older one has stopped working?

Update 1: Airtel customer support folks called me again. This time again, they had the same response… I cannot get a new one if my older remote is working fine. For a moment I decided to kill the older remote myself. But then I made the same request again. I am ready to pay for it! The girl on the phone put me on hold. Came back and confirmed that I can get it for Rs. 200. I said fine. That is what I was looking for. Thanks. Send it to me! Good stuff. It took them so much time to process this simple request of mine. Amusing.

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