Looks like ICICI Bank b2 account is the best way to get a virtual credit card

If you are looking for an easy way to get a virtual credit card for online transactions… the best way seems to be opening up an ICICI Bank b2 savings account.

This is essentially a zero-frills online only savings account which gives you a virtual card that can be used for online transactions.

You can transfer funds in and out using NEFT.

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I wish ICICI Bank would stop calling me for complaints I never made

ICICI Bank has picked up a bad habit from Airtel. They monitor social media for negative comments made regarding their services which are not even aimed at them.

So yeah. I was pissed off at ICICI Bank and I tweeted about it. Here is the problem. If I wanted to file a complaint, I would have pinged the official Twitter account of ICICI Bank. But I didn’t so I made a generic tweet.

I do not want to get calls for such tweets that are not directed at their support team. What ICICI Bank is doing right now is snooping on chitchats between random people on the road hoping to find a customer with issues with their banking services.

The kind of resources they are spending on this ‘enhanced customer support’ could probably be spent on other avenues. Like you know providing free sms alerts for banking updates that are now charged!