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Looks like ICICI Bank b2 account is the best way to get a virtual credit card

If you are looking for an easy way to get a virtual credit card for online transactions… the best way seems to be opening up an ICICI Bank b2 savings account. This is essentially a zero-frills online only savings account which gives you a virtual card that can be used for online transactions. You can transfer funds in and out using NEFT. More: HDFC Bank NetSafe is finally online again – Page 35.. Read More

ICICI Bank ignoring spam activities from their affiliate partners

I wrote a detailed email with the screenshot from the affiliate spammer. The unsubscribe link in that mailer did not work. I never subscribed to that service. That service sends me around 5-10 mails on a daily basis from different financial institutions. Reporting them to ICICI Bank seems have affected my own account with the bank. Insanity.

I wish ICICI Bank would stop calling me for complaints I never made

ICICI Bank has picked up a bad habit from Airtel. They monitor social media for negative comments made regarding their services which are not even aimed at them. So yeah. I was pissed off at ICICI Bank and I tweeted about it. Here is the problem. If I wanted to file a complaint, I would have pinged the official Twitter account of ICICI Bank. But I didn’t so I made a generic tweet… Read More