Buddy’s Broaster seems to be much better than McDonalds

I recently discovered this new burger chain in India… Buddy’s Broaster is also American based I believe and they already have a couple of outlets in Gurgaon.

Their veggie burger is pretty darn awesome. Much better than the comparable veggie burger from McDonalds.

And they have a pretty solid non-vegetarian offering in Masala Chicken Burger. Do check them out if you have an outlet in your locality.

Their home delivery is also pretty nice. They give you a 10% discount. McDonalds charges for home delivery I believe (they charge money for packaging material!).

airtel has got a new mobile customer!

I have to admit that airtel was the first mobile service I used. That was long time ago in Chandigarh.

Since then I have tried a lot other options including Hutch, Tata Indicom and even Aircel.

Now, I am back to airtel. And it took a lot of effort on my part. I have waited for Mobile Number Portability forever… it still has not arrived. airtel stores in my regions turned out to be awful. They are out of prepaid sim cards pretty much all the time. I had to get airtel customer to do something about it.

And when I went to the airtel store to get the sim card recharged, they were incidentally out of prepaid recharge (amazing! Huh?). Anyways… I am now using an airtel prepaid number with their pretty nice data package that costs 100 bucks for 2GB. And it works on roaming!

Data on roaming was the primary reason for my switch to airtel this time around. Of course, they are one of the four options I have here in Gurgaon for 3G services whenever they are launched. But I am not very optimistic about that. I can only hope that their existing 2G plan would remain available and the company would not temper with its speeds in the future.

Tata DOCOMO is being accused by a lot of folks that they have made their 2G speeds so slow now that they have launched 3G.

Is this how you build your house?

Is this how you build your house?

Noticed this on the road in front of my home here in Gurgaon. As you can see the material lying on the road makes it impossible for a car to pass through.

The crappier part was that the other side of the road was blocked by a locked gate.

The gate has been put on by the people living in this lane. In fact, my dad had to pay the money they collected for these gates unwillingly.

The gate is probably illegal if HUDA rules are to be believed.

And I thought October was bad…

This is a clear case of vandalism and I believe it happened in the parking lot of Barbeque Nation in Gurgaon.

Anyways, there is little I can do. Scratches are something that have no solution. I would have to learn to live with these bastards.

And I thought October was bad...

And I thought October was bad...

And I thought October was bad...

And I thought October was bad...

Update: Things have gone worse. The rat is back in the car. And there is shit all around. I did not have too much courage to look for any damage. The car started fine so that’s pretty good I guess.

3G license for Gurgaon?

Last time I checked Tata DOCOMO, Idea and Vodafone had 3G licenses for Haryana.

I assumed that applied to Gurgaon too.

But this tweet from the Tata DOCOMO team is rather mmm surprising.

@Sushubh Yes, we DO have the licence 4 Haryana, but not for Gurgaon! #3GLifeless than a minute ago via web

Gurgaon is considered part of Delhi NCR above Haryana?

That means Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone are going to serve in Gurgaon?