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Is this how you build your house?

Noticed this on the road in front of my home here in Gurgaon. As you can see the material lying on the road makes it impossible for a car to pass through. The crappier part was that the other side of the road was blocked by a locked gate. The gate has been put on by the people living in this lane. In fact, my dad had to pay the money they collected.. Read More

Things that are not right…

airtel broadband forcing their customers on older plans to switch to one of their crappy new plans. No options provided. Gurgaon cops beating men for entering the women’s compartment in Delhi Metro. Seriously… crappy times we are living in.

And I thought October was bad…

This is a clear case of vandalism and I believe it happened in the parking lot of Barbeque Nation in Gurgaon. Anyways, there is little I can do. Scratches are something that have no solution. I would have to learn to live with these bastards. Update: Things have gone worse. The rat is back in the car. And there is shit all around. I did not have too much courage to look for.. Read More

3G license for Gurgaon?

Last time I checked Tata DOCOMO, Idea and Vodafone had 3G licenses for Haryana. I assumed that applied to Gurgaon too. But this tweet from the Tata DOCOMO team is rather mmm surprising. @Sushubh Yes, we DO have the licence 4 Haryana, but not for Gurgaon! #3GLifeless than a minute ago via webTata Docomotatadocomo Gurgaon is considered part of Delhi NCR above Haryana? That means Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone are going to serve.. Read More

Now, you can probably complain about bad roads at

HUDA administrator Nitin K. Yadav had announced earlier this month that they would clean up all the bad roads in the city by September 30. And if anyone sees a bad patch or a pothole on any of the roads, they can submit a photo of the spot with details at their email address. I plan to do it… I had like all Gurgaon people visiting this blog to do the same. Of.. Read More

Gurgaon is like a battleground and bike is your best transport!

If you venture out on the roads of Gurgaon during office hours, you would realize that you have landed in a battleground. And if you are in a luxury car and you are driving yourself, you are going to go nuts and probably bald. The best mode of transport in these conditions is a bike and that’s what I end up using during the horrid times. My dad was pretty frustrated last year.. Read More

Delhi Metro BLAH.

Update: I was part of this latest Delhi Metro Fiasco! I am not saying that Delhi Metro is not doing a good job. But what I am going to say here is that they are faltering and they are faltering rather badly. Maybe, it is not their fault. Maybe the government is pushing them so hard that they are giving up on the previously set standards. But I am a disappointed man today… Read More

DHBVNL FAIL: Major fluctuations tonight!

Things were pretty bad tonight because of the power fluctuations. And for the first time ever, my UPS battery died. Thankfully, APC has this cool software that hibernated the machine just in time. I checked out the status and the stats are pretty bad. It shows the data for the entire week but most of the damage was done in the last couple of hours. Things are looking much better now. I hope.. Read More