Easy way to block certain numbers from bothering you on Google Nexus 5

Earlier today I banned a certain individual on the India Broadband Forum for unacceptable behavior.

He turned out to be one of the annoying chaps. In fact he did not restrict to creating fake accounts and posting profanities on the forum… He went ahead and started calling me at around midnight.

Since I am using stock Android, my Nexus 5 does not have an internal feature for call blocking. I could have installed some third party app but there is a simple way out. Found it via @nsm2285.

This works if you are not subscribed to Voicemail service on your operator.

Add the numbers you want to block to your address book under an easy to remember new random contact. Than redirect the calls from that contact to Voicemail.

Since your Voicemail service is not functional and the forwarding number does not exist, the calls pretty much gets nulled.

Simple and effective way to block certain numbers from calling you. If you want to add more, just add them to the same contact.

Feel free to comment below if there are any issues with this method. Or there are better ways out there!

HP shows a middle finger to Microsoft with their Google Chromebook promo

I do not like HP as a PC maker. I hate them for destroying Palm. I think their hardware is boring. And I do not recommend their products to anyone.

But they seem to have developed a liking for Google Chrome OS. Something that you would normally expect Samsung to do. Samsung has not announced any Chrome OS product in a while. In comparison HP has two fantastic Chromebook models Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14. While Chromebook 11 is facing some charger related problems, Chromebook 14 is one of the finer Chrome OS devices you can buy today.

Google Chromebooks are doing quite well. They have dominated the Amazon’s bestselling laptops chart for a long time now (apparently right now they do not hold the top spot). And this is not making Microsoft happy. Microsoft responded to the threat by releasing a typical FUD filled ad claiming that Chromebooks are not ‘real laptops’.

HP has now responded to that ad by launching their own ad promoting their Chromebooks. And it is fantastic…

A major problem with Google Drive

I have 206GB in my Google Drive account. I pay for some of this storage. Some I got through promotions.

I am also on a 4mbps/512kbps connection which means that utilizing this storage space is not really easy for me.

The problem is magnified when you realize that Google Drive does not recognize existing data on your machine on a reinstall.

Windows 8.1 update crashed my machine which meant I had to install the OS from scratch. Which now means that I have to download around 70GB data which I already have on my machine to get Google Drive syncing properly.

From what I understand there is no alternative. Google Drive is simply incapable of resuming syncing from an old folder.

Dear Google

Please fix this.

Also consider adding some feature similar to Microsoft SkyDrive Smart Files which has been introduced with Windows 8.1.