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Two Factor Authentication

Enabled 2FA on my Google account after noticing some hanky panky going around. It is still a massively complicated process. Chrome was misbehaving. Had to use Firefox. But it’s all setup now. Every single time I use Firefox… I just fell in love with the smoother font rendering.

Easy way to block certain numbers from bothering you on Google Nexus 5

Earlier today I banned a certain individual on the India Broadband Forum for unacceptable behavior. He turned out to be one of the annoying chaps. In fact he did not restrict to creating fake accounts and posting profanities on the forum… He went ahead and started calling me at around midnight. Since I am using stock Android, my Nexus 5 does not have an internal feature for call blocking. I could have installed.. Read More

HP shows a middle finger to Microsoft with their Google Chromebook promo

I do not like HP as a PC maker. I hate them for destroying Palm. I think their hardware is boring. And I do not recommend their products to anyone. But they seem to have developed a liking for Google Chrome OS. Something that you would normally expect Samsung to do. Samsung has not announced any Chrome OS product in a while. In comparison HP has two fantastic Chromebook models Chromebook 11 and.. Read More

Google has made the camera app on Nexus 5 utterly painful to use

The app shows you the preview image in widescreen format. The end result is a more squarish image. So you get a lot of extra data in the height of the image. Width is almost the same. But the point here is that you are not getting what you shot… Here are two images showcasing what you were trying to shoot and what you got in the end:

A major problem with Google Drive

I have 206GB in my Google Drive account. I pay for some of this storage. Some I got through promotions. I am also on a 4mbps/512kbps connection which means that utilizing this storage space is not really easy for me. The problem is magnified when you realize that Google Drive does not recognize existing data on your machine on a reinstall. Windows 8.1 update crashed my machine which meant I had to install.. Read More

Hopefully Google is doing a Nexus 4 2013 edition based on Moto X!

We have seen enough leaked images and other information about the upcoming Nexus smartphone. The most recent leak shows the new wallpaper which indicates the number 5. This is a good indication that the next smartphone would be named Nexus 5 as rumored. The question now is… Would Google kill the Nexus 4 branding? Or they have managed to keep the 2013 edition of Nexus 4 completely secretive? I mean they have the.. Read More