So, mchek is not working for airtel prepaid recharges?

I have been noticing a lot of tweets related to how mchek has stopped working for airtel prepaid recharges ever since the implementation of OTP system.

I had to recharge my airtel prepaid connection today and I decided to test it out.

Generated an OTP manually to ensure that I have it handy.

Applied for a recharge. Everything worked fine. Mchek sent me a request for the OTP. Sent a SMS with the OTP to 543219 as requested.

Transaction failed.


Ended up using for the same. Cost 10 bucks extra. I never really use the coupons they send but would try to use at least one to make it worth it this time around.

This is very bad news though because I rely on mchek for recharge of the Delhi Gurgaon Express Toll Smart Tag. Would have to find out why mchek is not working. :(

Update: Called up Standard Chartered. Apparently the CVV number was not correct. This is sort of confusing. I currently have two active cards. Older one is expiring this month. Newer one has been delivered and is also enabled for the month of April 2011. I used the CVV number of the new card. Maybe, I would give it a test once again but with the CVV number of the old card.