Airtel EDGE went down again today

I thought it was a coverage problem at my place but looking at Twitter and other places, I can safely say that airtel EDGE went down in some parts of Delhi NCR region.

I am not sure if it is back now because my phone is currently connected to the web through Wi-Fi. But this is the second time in the last couple of months that I have noticed airtel network disappearing on me.

Mobile number portability is an option with me. Vodafone might be an option worth considering once I have spent 6 months on my current connection.

airtel went down big time as I met Mathew Carley!

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day overall.

I woke up to notice that Google has delivered the Android 2.3.4 build to my phone.

I went to meet Mathew Carley and it turned out to be an excellent experience. Some of you might recognize the name… He is the man who could change the internet scene in India. Though he has his share of critics who love to do ‘investigative journalism’ and ‘online image tarnishing’. He is a brave brave man to have decided to launch Hayai Broadband in India. And he is a very patient man too… I respect him for what he is trying to accomplish and I respect him for all the time he spent answering queries on the India Broadband Forum.

It also turned out to be the day when airtel decided to kill their mobile network in Delhi NCR for a couple of hours.

Most of the time spent in the meeting with Mathew was me without a functional phone. I could take photos but could not share them on the web. I could not post any updates about the meet on Twitter. Vedant found it pretty hard to contact me about the meet.

airtel has a usual statement about the downtime… Unforeseen Technical Outage. Nothing on what they are doing to ensure that this is not repeated in the future. In any case, this was a good lesson that I should carry my older phone (a Tata Indicom number that has never seen any such problem over the last couple of years) with me whenever I go out.

Ironies of our times

Congress is having some event in Delhi which is causing major problems for the people living in the city.

At least one person has already lost his life due to these events (allegedly).

Ironies of our times

I am not sure what to make of it.

On the other hand… Sachin Tendulkar scored his fiftieth Test Century. But… India lost the test match. But we are still celebrating. I guess losing a test is not a big deal when you get to compare Tendulkar with Bradman and decide the winner.

Road to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is another speed trap

So, I was on my way to the international airport in Delhi. The road is wide and everything was smooth. Except for one little thing.

Delhi Traffic Police was waiting with their interceptor van and a bunch of cops. It was an easy trap.

People who are going to the airport are not going to stroll on that road. The speed limit I believe is 55kmph. And if you are in a slight bit of hurry to catch your plane, you might go beyond that.

And since there are no cuts for long stretches, there is no way you can avoid them. They would stop you and you would waste a lot of time dealing with the formalities.

I am not saying that it is ok for folks to drive above the speed limits. But I am very annoyed at such traps set by the Delhi Traffic Police on roads that are not usually congested and is wide enough with long stretches.

They can deploy the same workforce at places where they can actually be helpful to the people on the road. Places where there are frequent jams.

I am not sure how many people miss their flights because of this ‘trap’.

The night I almost hit some guy

Not an amusing thought. The night before I was driving to Noida to drop a friend at his place.

We were driving casually with no hurry at all. It was around 11PM. It was around the Barakhamba Road when this incident happened.

It was pitch dark. And this man appeared from nowhere. Started crossing the street. I was hardly at a distance when he appeared. Did not respond to honking. There was not enough space between my car and him to apply brakes. The only thing I could do was the dodge him. But he kept on moving towards the left side!

I barely managed to avoid hitting him. Thankfully the road was wide enough for me to get past him from the left. The car skidded a bit due to the sharp turn taken to avoid him. Probably ABS kicked in and I was back on the road riding in a straight line.

It was a pretty scary incident.

And the only thing i could think of after that incident was… What would have happened if I had indeed hit him? He was probably drunk to be crossing the street like that. I had all the papers in the car. I had no alcohol in my system. I would have done nothing wrong. I can only think of the various possibilities if an accident had occurred at that point. How the cops would have handled it. Looking at all the crap I am already in, I am very thankful to god today that nothing happened. And it turned out to be a safe drive back home (except for those tense 10 seconds!).