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Found out some more nonsense about airtel broadband

So, I applied for a new broadband connection on an existing landline connection today. Found out some interesting things about how airtel has changed over the last couple of months/years. Airtel no longer handles the hardware and installation process. It is outsourced to Beetel. Beetel takes money directly from you for the modem/router/telephone instrument. This money has to be paid in cash I believe as it would be delivered on the spot. There.. Read More

Why is airtel Broadband throttling torrents if none of their plans are truly unlimited?

Based on what I have read on the India Broadband Forum, it is pretty clear that airtel is throttling torrents on their network. A lot of people have complained about it. I have personally noticed it on my own computer. There are several problems with this. First of all, this goes against the principles of network neutrality. Airtel needs to stop tinkering around with web services. We have seen them offering higher speeds.. Read More

airtel decides how much we should be using the internet!

Business Standard did an article on the fair usage policy problem that is spreading like a plague in the country. airtel Broadband remains one of the biggest supports of this policy. A company representative has been quoted as saying: Our data shows that over 80 per cent of our customers use less than 5 GB every month. What it means is that such limits are more than enough for the large majority of.. Read More

Things that are not right…

airtel broadband forcing their customers on older plans to switch to one of their crappy new plans. No options provided. Gurgaon cops beating men for entering the women’s compartment in Delhi Metro. Seriously… crappy times we are living in.

Broadband revolution in India by Airtel?

Airtel has an interesting tweet on their official account. It goes like this: Bharti Airtel to unleash Broadband Revolution in India – To launch 3G in 2010. for more info: than a minute ago via webBharti Airtelairtelnews The company claims that the launch of 3G on their network would bring about a broadband revolution in the country. The same company has utterly failed to do anything with their wired broadband services. 256Kbps.. Read More

Times of India does an article on Fair Usage Policy

I specifically talk about this particular piece because I was one of the guys contacted to give the consumer’s point of view. We did the best we could and it turned out pretty well. The article does not really go into much detail but that was too much to ask. It does sort of does justice to our point of view. Nothing is expected to change in the end. Telecom giants have too.. Read More

TRAI continues to disappoint

@sushubh why isnt people / consumer called upon ?less than a minute ago via webNaveenXNRiX So, TRAI is apparently holding an open house discussion on a consultation paper on the National Broadband Plan next month. TRAI OHD The meeting is scheduled for September 6 and it’s taking place in Hyderabad. The sad thing? They are not inviting the regular internet user in the country. The only people invited are: “Interested Stakeholders/industry representatives”… Read More

Airtel Broadband: From must get to must avoid

I have been a big fan of Airtel Broadband services for years now. It was the first ISP I truly liked after struggling with cable internet service providers. And it was the reason I migrated from Chandigarh to Gurgaon. Sify Broadband was a pain to deal with and Airtel was almost magical in comparison. Things have however changed a lot in the last couple of months. The introduction of Fair Usage Policy has.. Read More