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Dear airtel… respond to my two queries pliss?

I have two pending support queries filed with airtel. Nothing has been done about them in the last 2-3 days. The first one is related to how they are no longer showing data consumption details on their Edge plan. Instead, they show some random call charges which are well stupid. The second one is related to my broadband plan change. I had applied for a change in the first week of November. I.. Read More

airtel backend upgrades are becoming a major headache

So, airtel is conducting some major updates in their backend. This has become a nightmare for me. I am currently stuck on a plan that had 3GB of free usage at 2mbps. I have crossed that. I am now being charged 20 paisa per MB of usage. As per plan details, this I would get till my bill reaches Rs. 2000. After that my speeds drop down to 256kbps. The problem? I have.. Read More

I have been FUPed

The funny thing about the language of this email is that they seem to say that I am paying for FUPed internet connectivity. The 2mbps boost for 3GB of data transfer is provided for free. Update: I realized what actually happened today.

Airtel broadband is definitely tempering with torrent downloads

There is a very long thread on the India Broadband Forum about the same. I noticed it for myself today. I was trying to download a regular file with enough seeders… the speeds would not go above 40KBps on a 1mbps line. I tried again with some other torrent files. Same result. This is in addition to massive disturbance in the line that happens during the whole process. Even pinging to an IP.. Read More

Found out some more nonsense about airtel broadband

So, I applied for a new broadband connection on an existing landline connection today. Found out some interesting things about how airtel has changed over the last couple of months/years. Airtel no longer handles the hardware and installation process. It is outsourced to Beetel. Beetel takes money directly from you for the modem/router/telephone instrument. This money has to be paid in cash I believe as it would be delivered on the spot. There.. Read More