Airtel Broadband’s latest idiocy: Compulsory Router Purchase

This is being reported again and again by new Airtel subscribers on the India Broadband Forum. The company representatives are forcing crappy hardware from Airtel on the consumers. These devices are badly priced and are of course of terrible quality.

The basic plot is that when a user applies for a new connection, he is told that he needs to purchase an Airtel authorized modem for the configuration process. This is pretty stupid considering manually setting up a router on Airtel connection takes less than 2 minutes.

I recently got myself a connection. I did not go through the same deal because Airtel includes a D-Link router in the cost of the connection for high-end plans. Funny thing here is that my high end plan is just 15GB at 4mbps.

If you are facing the same issue, I suggest complaining with Airtel Presence team and clearly telling the salesperson that you are not going to pay for shitty hardware!

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Airtel needs to stop abusing their customers for reporting spam texts and calls

I like reporting spam calls and texts. I have an app on my phone that makes it insanely easy and I use this feature. In fact, I consider this app so useful that I keep it on the primary home screen along with other important apps like Gmail and Phone.

Now… This has largely been a painless process on Airtel. You report a spam text/call. You get a confirmation message within a few seconds. And a few days later you get an update on what happened to that complaint.

All well.

However, Airtel seems to have changed their backend process. They now call you regarding your complaints to ask if your problem was resolved.

I do not get it.

How can Airtel resolve my complaints regarding spam calls and texts? It’s not like they can magically shut down all telecalling companies right? Plus they already send me an update through text.

Why call me? Is it a TRAI regulation that they have to call me for every single complaint I make? If true, it is insane. I don’t want to get useless texts. I do not want to get useless calls. It wastes my time. I annoys me. And phone calls from Airtel even pisses me off.

I am sure that this blog post is not going to change anything. But I am really annoyed at Airtel for calling me repeatedly despite me telling them not to call me anymore.

For fucks sake… I got my broadband connection disconnected because of their crappy customer support department. I do not want to change my mobile operator as well.

Airtel does not want us to use PayTM like recharging services

Confirmed by PayTM:

Airtel does not want us to use PayTM like recharging services

Airtel offers full talk time on 500 rupee recharge on their prepaid mobile connections. However, there is an issue here.

Right now, it only works if you recharge through or retail stores. It does not work if you use a third party service like PayTM or Freecharge.

I am not the only one who noticed this. And I got a confirmation from Airtel customer care people that third party retailers would not offer full talk time on such recharges.


Indian government is not for you and me

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

This is a famous quote from Abraham Lincoln. But our ‘democratic’ government does not really follow this definition.

I am going to talk about a specific example here. 3G mobile roaming controversy. There might be some technical inaccuracies here but I think the point would be clear.

When the government auctioned 3G spectrum in India, none of the mobile operator was able to buy a pan-India license. The price was astonishingly high and only limited spectrum was available. This means that bigger players in the market like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea were not able to secure rights for all the major markets.

So what they did to cater to their customers? They formed pacts with each other to let 3G work on roaming. Airtel, Idea and Vodafone were able to offer 3G services in circles outside their own through these agreements.

Now, this pissed the government. They claimed that these pacts were illegal. They said that the original agreement did not allow for such pacts.

DoT made an interesting statement this week. They said that 3G pacts undermined the objectives of the 3G auction.

Now here is the problem. A democratic government (or any sane government) should take steps that makes the lives of their people easy. 3G pacts did exactly that. It enabled operators to recover the money spent on buying the rights to the spectrum by renting it out to a competitor. It gave more options to the consumer as they were able to use 3G from their choice of operator in any circle.

I guess the department of telecom is scared that such pacts might result to cartelization in future auctions. These companies could collaborate and decide on the circles they would bid on. The competition would be less and the government would not be able to generate as much money as they did during 3G spectrum auctions.

They might claim that this hurt the common man because government gets lesser revenues. But the point remains, does it really? It’s not like this government is running short of ways to make money. It’s not like they are actually spending money transparently for the betterment of the people in India.

I mean no matter how much money this government makes, I still pay toll taxes for traveling on roads, I still pay for battery backup solutions because the power supply is erratic. I still pay for water purification solutions because the water supply is not exactly giving me drinkable water. The list is endless.

I am not a fan of mobile operators. Their policies are horrible. They scam their customers on a daily basis. But instead of fixing the problems, the government just is giving them more reasons to dupe customers. Things are pretty messed up to be frank.

Sad experience with prepaid Airtel 3G connection

I have been using 3G on my Airtel prepaid connection for a couple of months now. Here is what it has been like for me.

The service itself is quite decent. I do not check my speeds as it works well for checking mail, tweeting, photo sharing on Google+ and even managing from the phone.

The most complicated problem is how Airtel handle recharge.

Unlike the 98 rupee Edge plan, Airtel does not seem to offer any automatic renewal service on the 3G plans.

And they also do not bother to send alerts about the upcoming expiry of my 3G plan.

So, every month I end up consuming a couple of megabytes of data which costs me quite a lot based on their paisa per kilobyte rates.

Sad experience with prepaid Airtel 3G connection

If this is not bad enough. The company makes it annoyingly complicated to renew the plan.

If I send a renew command through SMS, the company tells me that I cannot renew my plan as I still have more than 50MB left in my account. This is inaccurate because the plan I had has of course already expired.

Sad experience with prepaid Airtel 3G connection

So, what I have to do is to deactivate 3G completely on my connection. Then reactivate it. Then wait for a couple of hours and then subscribe to the plan I like. This usually works.

Sad experience with prepaid Airtel 3G connection

But it did not work for me today. Hence forcing me to write this rare blog post. I have added some screenshots to this post showcasing the messages proving the points I am highlighting here.

If any reader of this blog post has any idea about what I might be doing wrong… please feel free to comment below. I really need to fix this monthly problem as I simply cannot switch back to Edge which is horrendously slow in comparison to decentish 3G from Airtel.