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Airtel needs to stop abusing their customers for reporting spam texts and calls

I like reporting spam calls and texts. I have an app on my phone that makes it insanely easy and I use this feature. In fact, I consider this app so useful that I keep it on the primary home screen along with other important apps like Gmail and Phone. Now… This has largely been a painless process on Airtel. You report a spam text/call. You get a confirmation message within a few.. Read More

Airtel does not want us to use PayTM like recharging services

Confirmed by PayTM: @Sushubh Yeah, Airtel is not providing Full talktime on third party website now. — Paytm (@Paytm) July 6, 2013 Airtel offers full talk time on 500 rupee recharge on their prepaid mobile connections. However, there is an issue here. Right now, it only works if you recharge through or retail stores. It does not work if you use a third party service like PayTM or Freecharge. I am not.. Read More

Indian government is not for you and me

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. This is a famous quote from Abraham Lincoln. But our ‘democratic’ government does not really follow this definition. I am going to talk about a specific example here. 3G mobile roaming controversy. There might be some technical inaccuracies here but I think the point would be clear. When the government auctioned 3G spectrum in India, none of the mobile operator.. Read More

Sad experience with prepaid Airtel 3G connection

I have been using 3G on my Airtel prepaid connection for a couple of months now. Here is what it has been like for me. The service itself is quite decent. I do not check my speeds as it works well for checking mail, tweeting, photo sharing on Google+ and even managing from the phone. The most complicated problem is how Airtel handle recharge. Unlike the 98 rupee Edge plan, Airtel does.. Read More

Would Airtel Broadband respond to new plans from Reliance Broadband?

Reliance now has FUP free unlimited 1/2/4mbps plans throughout India. They arrived with little fanfare but could define the wired broadband market in the coming months. As of now, no national internet service provider has plans that can match these. Almost all the broadband plans available to consumers in the market are linked with in most cases laughable data transfer limits. Airtel broadband is of course has some of the worst plans in.. Read More

First step in getting rid of airtel broadband?

Got myself a BSNL Broadband connection. I researched enough and it does look like a reasonable alternative. There are issues of course. It took them 15 days to get me connected. Actually they took 14 days to collect the documents and initial payment. Connection was delivered and enabled in just one day! Problems right now? Speeds are not good. I plan to enquire about the slow speed problem tomorrow. Hopefully they would at.. Read More