Yes Bank insults common sense

Yes Bank wants me to remember a password that is at least 10 characters long, has mixed case alphabets, numbers and special characters. And I am not even supposed to keep a backup copy saved somewhere just in case I forget it? Cool. If the population of this country was so smart at remembering things, they would not be electing the same fucks to the parliament every 5 years.

Snapdeal should really consider paying for stock photos

I mean it’s a shame they are using foreign models in their social media images… Not paying for stock images makes it worse.

Truth about Blue&Me if you are buying a Fiat car in India

It cannot even stream music from your phone through Bluetooth. The system has not changed at all in the last five years. I suffered through it for all that time. I love streaming music from my phone in my Hyundai Grand. It offers everything that Blue&Me has except for voice recognition that never even worked because you know? Windows Mobile… Blue&Me is powered with Windows Mobile.