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The funny thing about the Google Android One launch…

Google Android One platform was originally showcased as an initiative to connect the rest of the world to the internet. Even the official Google blog post this week talks about the ‘next five billion’. Here is the part which is insanely ironical. Google Android One devices are not exactly cheap. Three models are on sale now and all of them costs more than the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Even funny is the fact that 1S.. Read More

Reliance Broadband shows its true colors finally

I have been on Reliance Broadband for a few months now. I had avoided it for way too long because of the reputation and when I eventually applied to get a connection from the company, I kept my old BSNL connection for backup. I have not had much chance to use the backup connection till this month because the service was largely alright. But the last 20 days have changed it all. The.. Read More

Yes Bank insults common sense

Yes Bank wants me to remember a password that is at least 10 characters long, has mixed case alphabets, numbers and special characters. And I am not even supposed to keep a backup copy saved somewhere just in case I forget it? Cool. If the population of this country was so smart at remembering things, they would not be electing the same fucks to the parliament every 5 years.

Truth about Blue&Me if you are buying a Fiat car in India

This should be highlighted in all their ads. I suffered for 5 years. RT @FiatIndia: @Sushubh Blue & Me does not support Music streaming.— Sushubh (@Sushubh) June 23, 2014 It cannot even stream music from your phone through Bluetooth. The system has not changed at all in the last five years. I suffered through it for all that time. I love streaming music from my phone in my Hyundai Grand. It offers everything.. Read More