HP India: HP Chromebook 14 was never eligible for 1 year accidental damage protection!

This is the latest response from the company as I continue to explore what exactly happened when I ordered HP Chromebook 14 from Flipkart in the month of February.

Flipkart listing definitely mentioned this offer. It required me to fill up a form on HP India website.

I did that. It took them a month to tell me that my request was denied. Earlier they said that my unit was not eligible. Flipkart said that according to their record, I bought the laptop during the period when it was not eligible.

HP India now claims that HP14 was never eligible because it is not mentioned on the form (today).

I have no idea why it has become so complicated to deal with. I did not dream of the offer when I purchased the laptop. It was there on the Flipkart website. It was there just a few days ago too. Today Flipkart lists it as a core feature of the product. By which I can only assume that all new orders would include ADP out of the box?


If this is how Google Chromebooks are being sold in the Indian market, I am not sure if I should be recommending them to friends and family.