Airtel Broadband’s latest idiocy: Compulsory Router Purchase

This is being reported again and again by new Airtel subscribers on the India Broadband Forum. The company representatives are forcing crappy hardware from Airtel on the consumers. These devices are badly priced and are of course of terrible quality.

The basic plot is that when a user applies for a new connection, he is told that he needs to purchase an Airtel authorized modem for the configuration process. This is pretty stupid considering manually setting up a router on Airtel connection takes less than 2 minutes.

I recently got myself a connection. I did not go through the same deal because Airtel includes a D-Link router in the cost of the connection for high-end plans. Funny thing here is that my high end plan is just 15GB at 4mbps.

If you are facing the same issue, I suggest complaining with Airtel Presence team and clearly telling the salesperson that you are not going to pay for shitty hardware!

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A few more months on Reliance Broadband

It has been a couple of months that I have been on Reliance Broadband. The experience has been quite adventurous.

In short, I am quite satisfied considering the amount I am paying this company. Connectivity quality is great when the connection works. And there is no guarantee when the connection would get working again if it goes down.

Dealing with local Reliance guys has been another adventure. Initially most of them would not even respond properly. Today I am at a stage where they at least listen to my issue and give fake assurances (!).

In case of a problem that remains unresolved, sending an email complaint usually works. It take three days but you do get a call back and eventually something does happen.

Filing a complaint with the call center is another adventure. It might take you 40 minutes to connect to a human being. But filing a complaint usually helps. I usually get a call back in 24 hours.

Here comes the biggest surprise of it all…

The connectivity has been super stable from Reliance side. Almost all the downtimes are caused by the local gateway. And the biggest problem area is power backup! Few months ago, for almost a month, the connectivity was horrible because the power backup was completely dead. Took a lot of calls and emails to get that fixed. I decided to blog today about Reliance because I think the power backup at the local gateway is messed up again. I am seeing multiple disconnections through the day and local guy has only one answer… I know. There is a problem at the gateway. Might take a while. I did manage to ask him if the backup was not working properly. He kind of admitted that the problem was related.

Sent a mail to the relevant email ids. Hopefully this time it would not take them a month to get this problem resolved.

Funny tidbit:

My local Reliance Gateway is installed in the premises of a local Bharatiya Mahila Bank branch. I have no idea if the area containing the servers etc. are secluded from the actual branch area. Though I get a feeling that some of the minor downtimes are happening because of human intervention. Someone turns off the power supply for the lulz perhaps?

Interesting experience with Jazz My Ride

A few days ago, I decided to buy a car cover from Jazz My Ride. I picked the top end option they had expecting everything to go well. It went well. I got the delivery within two days. Quality of the cover itself was quite good but that was expected as I had seen the product reviews on YouTube. The ‘free’ accessories were shit quality so I ignored them.

After installing the car cover, I noticed that the cover had no accommodating space for the antenna at the top of the car. It was annoying but what the hell. I cut a hole at the place and made it work for me.

I decided to send this feedback to the company. Suggested that they should look into it.

Their first response was quite astounding. Their representative said that the product description did not mention anything about accommodating space for the antenna so it was not their fault that I did not notice it.

It was a frustrating response so I reacted appropriately. I sent back a sarcastic response stating that it was incredibly stupid of me to have missed that element. Just got another astonishing response from the company. They apologized to me in case I was offended by their previous response. And suggested that I should simply remove the antenna before covering my car to make do. I guess that is another way to deal with this small problem.

It would have been better if they had accepted the feedback as something they would look into. But then… Who am I to complain about anything? I should have just read the fucking description!

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The funny thing about the Google Android One launch…

Google Android One platform was originally showcased as an initiative to connect the rest of the world to the internet. Even the official Google blog post this week talks about the ‘next five billion’.

Here is the part which is insanely ironical.

Google Android One devices are not exactly cheap. Three models are on sale now and all of them costs more than the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Even funny is the fact that 1S has better specifications than the Android One devices on sale in India.

Another humorous part is that these three models are available exclusively through three different online stores. Which means, people needs a computing device with internet access to order them! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Do you really expect a regular guy who has never accessed the internet before to buy this device online from one of the three online stores to get connected to the internet? I think not.

Micromax Canvas A1
Karbonn Sparkle V
Spice Dream UNO

And of course…
Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Reliance Broadband shows its true colors finally

I have been on Reliance Broadband for a few months now. I had avoided it for way too long because of the reputation and when I eventually applied to get a connection from the company, I kept my old BSNL connection for backup.

I have not had much chance to use the backup connection till this month because the service was largely alright. But the last 20 days have changed it all. The usual problems that I read about on the India Broadband Forum have cropped up in my locality.

It began with random downtimes throughout the day. I was told that the power backup has started malfunctioning. This was in the third week of last month. This problem remains unresolved despite sending multiple mails to Reliance management and filing several complaints with the call center.

The latest problem began this week when the internet went down completely 3 days ago. In the last three days I have had connectivity for around 5-6 hours I believe. It is down right now. Local guys keep on blaming some mysterious server which is down. Reliance customer care would not take a new complaint because my existing complaint is already with them since August 25. Local linesman have started responding to my phone calls rudely because I call them multiple times a day trying to get an update.

Today they asked me to call a guy named Deepak Rathi (9310225815) instead. I was hoping for a nice informative chat with this guy who is supposed to be the engineer responsible for my local network. But instead what I got was a typical douchebag with attitude problems. He asked me to call the customer support and follow the procedure. When I told him that the procedure has not helped me for the last two weeks or so, he basically hanged the phone. Good stuff indeed.

I thank god for having the sane mind of keeping the BSNL Broadband connection as backup. I am on a low end plan on it which I would need to change tomorrow. From becoming a seldom used backup connection, it has become my primary connection this week. I would probably give Reliance another couple of days before filing for a disconnection. It’s a shame that I have run out of all the options in my area. Reliance Jio is still a few months away and I have very little hopes from them as well.

Yes Bank insults common sense

Yes Bank wants me to remember a password that is at least 10 characters long, has mixed case alphabets, numbers and special characters. And I am not even supposed to keep a backup copy saved somewhere just in case I forget it? Cool. If the population of this country was so smart at remembering things, they would not be electing the same fucks to the parliament every 5 years.

Snapdeal should really consider paying for stock photos

I mean it’s a shame they are using foreign models in their social media images… Not paying for stock images makes it worse.