Chandigarh to Delhi in Volvo Bus

Chandigarh to Delhi in Volvo Bus

I had heard so much about this funky Volvo bus service, which connects Gurgaon to Chandigarh and vice versa. So, well I thought about taking a journey it in myself. I had gone home for a little vacation and decided I would return to Gurgaon on the Volvo.

Here are the relevant details. The bus starts from Chandigarh bus stand at 1:25 pm. At least it should coz when I was boarding the bus, it was already 15 minutes late. We started the journey at around 2 pm.

The fare from Chandigarh to Delhi is 350 bucks and for that extra distance to Gurgaon, you pay 50 bucks extra. So the ticket on this Volvo bus cost me 400 bucks. Good enough. At least I do not have to change three different buses to reach Gurgaon as I used to do earlier. One to Delhi, another to Dhaula Kuan, and another to Gurgaon.

Ok, their were these other direct buses to Gurgaon which might have cost me around 150 bucks but well, I was not going to torture my ass. I had rather prefer three buses with 10 minutes break in between to reach home.

So the Volvo costs me an extra 250 bucks and I get a comfortable confirmed seat. Air Conditioner is there but it seldom worked fine. Their was a television set too in the bus but the idiots showed Family movie on the way. Pure torture. When the movie was complete, they showed a mini movie by Jaspaal Bhatti. That was well… damn damn damn…

The bus stopped on the way at Karnal and I bought Paulo Coelho – ‘The Alchemist’. More torture was in store for me. Anyways, I survived it all to realize that the journey took eight freaking hours to land in Gurgaon. It stopped for a while at the IGI Airport and it was a frustrating experience.

Disappointments? 400 bucks ticket gets you a Rs. 5 Bisleri bottle. Those idiots could have thought about something better like a Frooty… but no sir, a small bottle of bisleri is what you get for 8 hours journey. Another frustration was the irritating vibration the bus had when it was standing still. And I was thinking, boy this is a Volvo, its going to be comfortable. Looks like Haryana Roadways people can make a dabba out of a Volvo too.

Even worse was the fact that the seat’s backrest was not comfortable enough. Maybe because I am taller than average people. But it was not a good experience considering I could not sleep for even a small duration on the entire trip because I could not find a decent posture.

Good things? It is comfortable when it is moving. However, 8 hours to cover 300 KM is a bit too boring for me. It does not stop to pick up passengers or at least it did not on the trip I had. Seats were confirmed so well, it is good for old people and girls traveling alone. However, the other passengers in the bus, if you are as unlucky as I was, you would rather prefer to take the harsher way out.

Thus, a very bad and embarrassing post ends with a whimper. I have not slept for like 30 hours and I wanted to write about my experience on the Volvo so I did it in the worst possible shape I could ever be. And that too after making a stupid stupid mistake, which might cost be big in the coming days. Damn, I need to sort my life out…