Just a useful tip for buying domains from GoDaddy

No, I do not recommend them at all. I like Hover. But sometimes you have to make decisions based on facts. Buying domains on GoDaddy is cheap especially if you are able to score a deal.

So here goes nothing.

Search for discount coupons online. If you are an existing user of their network, you would get loads of them in mail. Wait for a good one and renew/buy domains during special sale periods.

If you cannot find a coupon that works for your specific purchase. Just order the stuff and get it into your shopping card. And forget about it for a couple of hours. GoDaddy would most likely entice you to complete the order by sending you a coupon that is likely to work.

This worked for me today. I was trying to renew a domain but none of the coupons available to me worked. Even the one that should have worked on my order. I left the cart after placing the order. And a few hours later, I got a special coupon in mail with the invitation to complete the transaction. Saved around 30%. Worked well for me.