So, I finally got a chance to check out the latest Bond flick. As I have mentioned before I do not like Daniel Craig as the Bond. Even though he has now been the Bond for three movies now.

About the movie… I guess it was the simplest of the last three. It was almost like a Die Hard movie. A mixture of Die Hard and Jason Bourne movies actually.

And of course, I have to talk about how awesome Judi Dench is. She totally kicked ass in this one. I am going to miss her in future Bond movies. A male M is now what we have.

And we finally have the character of Miss Moneypenny. Who can forget Samantha Bond as her during the times of Pierce Brosnan!

Also need to talk about China. If what they showed of it in the movie is even half of what it is, it is rather incredible. Almost like a movie set in the future. China is creating infrastructure while India is setting roadblocks (read toll, speeding penalty etc.) on the little infrastructure that we are getting these days. It is phenomenal.

Anyways. I hope the next movie is not four years away! Bond is already looking old and jaded. I cannot handle another change because I am afraid they might make Shia LaBeouf the next bond.