Views on Google’s handling of Motorola Mobility

Google now owns Motorola Mobility and we are finally seeing some good stuff coming out of the company.

Motorola has announced four new models in the recent weeks. The latest being Motorola Razr I powered by a 2GHz processor from Intel!

Motorola Razr i

Other improvements are also noticeable. Motorola seems to have moved to a UI layer that is very close to stock Android though it still has customized elements.

One major disappointment is that all of these four models are powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich edition even though Jelly Bean was announced months ago.

I assume that all of these four models were conceptualized and development work started before the acquisition deal was complete. It would be interesting to see what kind of products they are working on today now that they are completely owned by Google and has a CEO from Google’s own management team.

Google is also expected to announce a new Nexus device later this year. Rumors claim that we would get multiple Nexus devices this year. Earlier we heard about five different models from five different manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and LG). I am hearing that LG and Sony would be getting the honors this time around. Motorola had their Xoom which was a Google supported model but was sold without the Nexus branding. Asus got the Nexus 7 Tablet which had the Google Nexus branding. Sony and LG are the only two major players who are yet to get Google supported devices until now.

I expect Motorola Mobility to catchup with the competition next year. Google would want to ensure that Motorola has products that can compete against the best in the market. Samsung of course tends to have the best performing Android devices in the market at any given time. HTC could turn out to be the biggest loser here and they could switch focus to Windows Phone 8 platform next year.

One thing is for sure… Google has saved Motorola Mobility by acquiring them. They were doing awful on their own. Launching outdated devices. Delaying release of Android updates for their own models. They have literally disappeared from the Indian market as a result.

One thing I really want Google to do is to Googlify Motorola’s website. It is still the same mess it was before the acquisition. It is time for a change. We need a more user friendly website with minimalistic user interface. Somewhat similar to what Google has done with their own Nexus website!