Google Docs + Google Scribe means irritating awesomeness!

Google recently launched a new service named Google Scribe which tries to predict what you are typing and show suggestions.

It is like Google Suggest but for writing.

It is available as a standalone service and a bookmarklet which you can use on a regular textbox on any website.

We can assume that Google might offer it as optional feature inside Google Docs in the future.

I have played around with Google Scribe. My net connection or their processing engine ensures that the suggestions arrive too late. I can type faster than that.

But this new tool can become a powerful app for people who want to write in other languages. For example… It can come real handy for an Indian web user to write a letter in Hindi.

Google currently supports English on Scribe. But they are going to add other languages in the future.

Future is very powerful. Future is dumb!