BSNL launches campaign to blackmail the Indian Government

BSNL is probably the strongest telecom player in the Indian market. They have the support from the government. They get subsidies and other benefits from the government. Yet they suck at being the best in their field.

And whenever the government tries to do anything good (for the consumer) with BSNL, the body launches a strike that causes problems for everyone. From the common man to the ministers.

Today is one such day when the people working for BSNL would launch a strike. Some of their demands?

No disinvestment/No privatization of BSNL
No retrenchment/No VRS
No unbundling of last mile copper & other infrastructure
No outsourcing
Ensure IDA pension revision to BSNL retirees
Revision of wages

Amazing list. I am pretty sure that the government would give-in to the demands and the insanity would continue to prevail in the country. I am happy to be free of BSNL in my personal life.