What happens if your Gmail account is blocked?

A friend of mine found that Google disabled his Gmail account. He cannot recall doing anything that could result in Google blocking his Gmail account.

I am sure Loren would be able to find a solution to this problem. But the question is… What problems are you going to face if Google blocks your Google Account?

For me, it is going to be very painful. I would lose a lot of data stored in Google Notebook, Gmail Chat history, Gmail itself and lots of other services I use which are connected to my personal Google Account.

I know I should not rely on Google for these important stuff. But in the last few years of spending my life online, I have realized that third party servers end up being more unreliable compared to Google’s own services.

If I was not on Google, I would have lost access to my email history a lot of times. I guess it’s time to get a new backup hard disk and put everything important on that!

Update: I am playing with this.