They promise you the world. They charge you for it. And they deliver nothing.

Reliance resQ and Reliance Digital are Hopeless

Or else what would explain their inability to install one simple LCD Television? Four days and the television set is yet not installed. I called them up, no reply back.

I went to their store once more. Took them 40 minutes to tell me that they are sending an ‘engineer’ right now with the necessary equipment (for another model as they do not have the part for the TV that they sold me).

Here I am at home still waiting for them to arrive so that they can install the bastard and get me free from their clutches.

A suggestion, Reliance is hopeless when it comes to customer support. Anil Ambani cannot do that with his Reliance Communications, Mukesh Ambani cannot do that with his Reliance Retail. The whole Reliance Scenario is a disappointment.

I am tired of installation people who act more like extended warranty sales guys. IFB had this problem. Now Reliance Digital has the same problem.