Apple iPod Shuffle here in India

Apple’s situation here in India is seriously hopeless. The new iPod Shuffle 2GB is available in India. It is on display on their online store for India.

apple ipod shuffle

But when I tried their reseller in Gurgaon, he only had the 1GB edition on sale and that too at the old price of around Rs. 4000.

This is when the company is officially selling the player for just around Rs. 2700.

The dude at Imagine store in Gurgaon knows about the new prices but he cannot sell me the 1GB Shuffle for that price as they are yet not informed by the company about that. I tried calling the Apple Customer Care for a solution but they are not available after 6:30 PM.

The automated voice told me to leave a message for them but the mailbox was full.

Anyways, I checked out the huge iMacs and the Mac Pros at the Imagine store and also played around with Mac OS X Leopard. Was fun. Really loved the big screen editions. They were awesome.
Totally hopeless… Mr. Jobs… I am a disappointed probable customer.