IFB Washing Machine buying experience

IFB Washing Machine buying experience

I am quite disappointed with the installation guy the company sent to my place to install the machine and teach me how to use it.

Sadly, the dude was a big jerk. He behaved more like a marketing dude than a technical one. Tried selling me lots of accessories instead of focusing on the essential stuff.

As a result, I had to ask a lot of questions to get to know the basic features of the machine I had purchased. But he continued to focus on selling me the extended warranty and some chemicals which he said would be required to clean up the machine after 2-3 months!

Also, the guy was not ready to stay at my place for one complete wash cycle! He said that he was required to visit some other customer houses.

Damn you IFB. If you sell me a 30K washing machine… try to send me a dude who can teach me how to use it. And try to send someone who can stay for long enough to have one complete cycle!