Resident Welfare Association

I just yelled at some senior members of my sector’s Resident Welfare Association which I had no idea even existed. The guys landed on my door asking for some kind of donation.

I entered the scene late and just told them to leave and not return again.

What I got to hear in return?

We are not asking the money for ourselves. We live in the same society. I am your neighbor. You cannot treat me like this. This guy standing here is a retired military major (or something).

So, what am I supposed to do? No one told me that we have some kind of a RWA in my sector in my 2 years of living here. They tell me they work on keeping the sector clean. They do this and they do that.


If you need funds for the welfare of the society… set some rules. Each resident would be required to pay a particular amount of fee per month. Don’t just randomly land at my door asking for a donation for any damn cause. I do not know you. Whatever you say you might be… I am not going to entertain you.

And stop telling me that I am misbehaving just because I might be some hotshot. I am not. I don’t socialize. I do not want to. I don’t know who you are. Follow some sensible procedure to run a society. Don’t expect me to be polite when you do not have a system in place.